Newcomers in Zaanstad

Every year new people come to live in Zaanstad. Are you new too? Welcome to Zaanstad!

It is important that everyone feels at home quickly. It is also important that you can do your tasks by yourself. The municipality helps you with these.

Civic Integration Route in Zaanstad

Anyone who is a newcomer, will follow the Civic Integration Route. As learning the language, following an education and having a job. You get to know the Dutch society and Zaanstad city. That's called integration.

Since 2022, the municipality has been responsible for supervising your integration. The Route Map Civic Integration of Zaanstad states exactly what you are going to do. Select the preferred language below:

Arabic          Dari          English         Farsi        Dutch         Tringya         Turkish 

A route map of civic intergration

Animation film of Civic Integration Route

The animation film Integration explains which steps you have to go through as a newcomer.

The animation film answers questions such as: what are you working towards as a newcomer in the next three years? What steps does the Integration process consist of? And with which authorities does the newcomer have contact?

Watch the animation film

Available in 9 languages

The animation is available in Dutch, English, Spanish, Farsi, Tigrinya, Somali, Arabic, Dari and Pashto. All versions can be downloaded here.

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